Scrip May Madness Goes MAD!

Wow, what a great reaction to the May Madness Scrip contest!  People are buying more Scrip, great news!  If you have not purchased Scrip, there’s still three weeks left.

Here are the results so far…

5th place – Mrs. Oines’ class, Grade 2 with 60 cards
4th place – Mrs. Skokan’s class, Grade 4 with 65 cards
3rd place – Ms. Sullivan’s class, Grade 6 with 67 cards
2nd place – Mrs. Mansfield’s class, Grade 3 with 91 cards
1st place – Mrs. Todd’s class, Grade 1 with 113 cards

Why not buy some Scrip and help your child’s classroom win an ice cream party?  If the whole school increases their Scrip card sales by 20% in the month of May, the students will  enjoy a Free Dress Day in June.

We will be selling Scrip this Friday outside of the School Office from 2:45-3:15.  Thank you, Karen Bombino