Holy Week

We are in the final stages of our journey through Lent, preparing to enter Holy Week.  Our gifts of faith and hope strengthen us on the path that has brought us closer to God.  During Holy Week, we have the opportunity to enter fully into Jesus’ last days, to walk with him, to pray with him, to thank him for saving us and to cheer and rejoice at the Resurrection.  Join us tomorrow for stations led by the eighth grade students and their siblings.  Walk the Seattle Camino de Santiago on Saturday.

We are on the fast track to the auction! We will return to school after Easter holidays and have Prom Night to look forward to at the weekend! Did you know that at the moment we have more volunteers for OUR auction from OUTSIDE St. John!? That’s right!  The majority of those helping are coming from St. Alphonsus and Broadview-Thomson.  We are so grateful for their help, but we still need more volunteers from our own school! Please consider volunteering and come along and enjoy the night, make friends with our neighboring school parents and be a part of this night to remember.

I am very grateful to Nancy Alton and Kari Hetcher-Aguila for coordinating a very informative and enjoyable Author’s day yesterday. I listened in on a few of the sessions.  The students were engaged, curious and asked great questions. The authors were ready for them, entertaining and very interesting.  Thank you also to Mrs. Bodmer and all the teachers who came out for Literacy Night.  Students, parents, and teachers all enjoyed games and activities geared to increase our enjoyment of reading and writing.

God Bless,

Bernadette O’Leary