Autumn is definitely here! The mornings are chilly and we have had rain. It is time to root out the jackets and raincoats! In the meantime, we rejoice in the beautiful Fall colors!

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students, I thank you for your tremendous support of the Jog-a-thon!   The students made their goal; they ran over 1,051 miles!   The school and parents made their financial goal!  Together, we raised over $82,000 for the operating budget, most of which goes to teacher salaries and benefits!  As you have been made aware we are making a concerted effort to raise our teacher salaries to match market.  This is a great start.

We are looking forward to a similar outcome for the Endowment Event! On October 19, I hope to see you come out to honor one of our most respected and successful faculty members, Sven Tice, St. John’s beloved science teacher. Parents of younger students, come and hear what your students have to look forward to! Parents of middle school students and alumni, come and celebrate your good fortune at having such a stimulating and dedicated teacher. And, of course, come and enjoy gathering as community and living in harmony with one another! Rejoice, celebrate and have fun!  And increase the endowment so that we can continue the work on teachers’ salaries. Click here to purchase tickets. Thank you for supporting our deserving teachers!

Fr. Crispin was delighted with the 4th-grade students.  They responded so well at the first class Mass of the school year. You are invited to the all-school Mass next Wednesday, October 10, at 9am. It is a dress uniform day for all students.

The jar of Soaring Eagle award cards is filling up very rapidly!  Students are dropping by my office daily to tell me about how they were ‘caught being great’ and earned awards for practicing the Schoolwide Learning Expectations.  Examples include helping at the food bank, being kind to a fellow student (Christ-centered students), following directions, participating in class, persisting on a test/class activity (active learners), and showing great example in line, keeping the classroom clean (empowered disciples).   Each Monday at prayer, we draw four or five cards and the winners receive the Golden Eagle pin.  Encourage your students to be Soaring Eagles!

Do you have a Halloween costume that no longer fits your child? An alumna, Kelsey Angell, is hosting a Halloween costume drive.  Read more below.

Have a great weekend! Between cross-country and soccer, take some time to appreciate the goodness around you.

Bernadette O’Leary