News from the Parish

  • Happy Retirement, Evie Pinkerman!      November 1, is Evie’s final day.  From Evie:  To all my friends at St. John, thank you for all that you have given me. I have had a lot of jobs in my life, but this one never seemed like a job. It was where I was supposed to be and you have been my teachers. God bless you all. Evie  
  • Middle School Youth Group – Open to ALL students in grades 6 through 8 – 5pm, St. Catherine Parish each Sunday     Enjoy an hour of fellowship followed by a healthy meal.  Kristin Kent in the parish office (206-852-0393) can answer questions or give your student a ride to Group.  New relevant topic each week.  North Seattle Catholic Youth is a cooperative program bringing North Deanery Youth together. Kate Brown is Youth Ministry Director and may be reached 206-488-5970.
  • Rosary / Prayer Group     Meeting once per month on a Saturday, families meet to pray the Rosary, network, increase and strengthen the engagement of families in the Catholic faith, share a potluck meal and lively discussion.  The next gathering will be held on Saturday, November 10, 6pm in Egan Hall.  Olga Sala and Shalini Pereira are happy to address your questions.  No reservations!  Join us!
  • Veterans Day Mass     Celebrate with us to honor our living and deceased friends and relatives who have and are currently serving in our Armed Forces.  We suggest you bring a friend or relative who has or is serving to Mass; those who are veterans or currently serving, wear an award or decoration you feel is appropriate.  If your loved one is no longer with us, we encourage you to bring a framed photograph with you. Saturday, November 10, 5pm Mass; Sunday, November 11, 8:30am and 10:30am Masses
  • Message from Bill Marty     In January 2017, I tore this short essay out of Give Us This Day, and added it to a pile of nuggets. Brian Doyle, who for many years was the editor of the University of Portland’s magazine, wrote this as a reflection on the Beatitudes. In May of 2017, Brian died of brain cancer. We read the Beatitudes from Matthew’s Gospel each year on All Saints Day, so I think this is the appropriate time to share it. Many thanks to Mary Miller Doyle for gracious permission to reprint Brian’s essay here.This is also the first Prayer Nugget with a dedication – to Evelyn Pinkerman, who first suggested the idea of a weekly item on prayer for the bulletin. Evie is retiring on All Saints Day. Bless you, Evie, and thank you!