Parish News

7th Annual Blessing of the Backpacks     Thank you to all those who attended, volunteered, and donated food items at the 7th Annual Blessing of the Backpacks!  It was a wonderful celebration of community and kindness.

Sammy Woodgerd, Broadview-Thomson Food Coordinator, writes: “Thank You from Broadview-Thomson!  I am sending you a warm thank you from the students and staff at Broadview-Thomson PreK-8 to the parishioners at St. John’s!

Donations gathered from your Blessings of the Backpack event have come to Broadview for the 7th year, and it feels like Xmas in September!

The Broadview community now has 408 lbs. of food and cash donations to support our school!
  • Canned goods, cereal, beans, pasta, rice, and soups will provide aide to families of students who have an immediate need until they can visit a neighborhood food bank.
  • Snack foods such as milk, juices, crackers, dried fruit, bars, and nuts will be given to students by the office staff and counselors during the day.
  • The $100 of money given will be used by the office staff to buy fresh cheese, milk, yogurt, fruit and other snacks not already in our pantry for kids, also during the day.

St. John’s donations make a difference to our kids and your kindness and generosity to our school is greatly valued. We look forward to working together again in the future!”

You Can Change a Life – Together, We Can Change a Hundred Lives     St. John School and Parish are excited to partner with Unbound, a charity that allows us to directly help children and seniors in need. Dear to Father Crispin’s heart, Unbound partners with families to empower them to become self-sufficient and fulfill their desired potential. Sponsorship weekend is September 28 and 29. Additional information can be found in the Unbound Flyer.

1st Annual Blessing of the Animals     The St. Francis of Assisi Ministry and St. John Parish would like to invite you to bring your pet to the schoolyard on Saturday, October 5 to celebrate the feast day of St Francis of Assisi. Father Crispin will bless the animals between 11am and noon. Please note that we anticipate animals of all sizes and types, and we don’t wish any to be harmed. Thus, we require all dogs to either be leashed or carried in a secure dog carrier. In addition, all other animals (e.g., cats, birds, hamsters, snakes, etc.) need to be brought to the schoolyard in a secure carrier. If you can not bring your pet in a secure carrier or control your leashed dog, please leave your pet at home.