Fruits of the Holy Spirit: Kindness

St. Vincent de Paul     In light of COVID-19, St. Vincent de Paul has canceled upcoming service trips.  Please consider increased giving to local food banks, Catholic Community Services, and St. Vincent de Paul.  These organizations are working hard to help the vulnerable and marginalized in our community.  This work is increasingly more important at times like this.

Bishop Mueggenborg shares that we have the opportunity to manifest Christ’s love more than ever during these challenging times. Here are some ideas to show this love:

  • Expand outreach by making phone calls to homebound neighbors and local nursing home residents to accompany them in spirit
  • Offer to pray over the phone
  • Offer to go grocery shopping for others who need to stay at home
  • Consider donating blood or plasma
  • Purchase gas cards for your local nursing home or hospital health care providers and drop them off at the front desk as a thank you gift from the local Catholic church