Be True to Your School!

It’s Auction time!  The distance learning lesson this coming week is all about being True to Your School!  The learning objective is to be the highest online bidder!  Preparation and pre-event homework includes registering with Bidding For Good, going through the auction catalog, arranging your Zoom party with your group, serving up the signature cocktails, and sharing photos of you and your family dressed in your St. John gear.  At 7 pm tomorrow, the bidding commences!

Many of our Catholic schools have had to go to online auctions in the past few weeks.  Almost all report that they made their budget.  I am challenging St. John families to show that we can meet and beat our projected budget!  The auction line item is one of the biggest in the revenue section of our budget.  We are heavily dependent on a solid positive return.  We also want to finish those windows!  The windows on the north side are in dire need of replacement; they are almost a century old and drafty!  Please support the fund-a-need.  We are so delighted and so grateful to the St. John family who generously agreed to match up to $50,000 in pledges!  So we need your donation to ensure that the match is made!  It’s a match made online!  Now, there’s a song in that!

The 2018-2019 Annual Report is online (it is best viewed “full screen”).  Thank you, Jonna Skokan and Mary VandePutte.  Open the report and enjoy the many memories and the St. John community spirit that is so evident throughout the pages.

Our St Vincent de Paul ministry pantry is running low on food, so we are having a no-contact food drive.  For details regarding drop off for the food drive, please visit this week’s Parish News post.  If you are staying home and need some food, please email us or call the parish office at 206-782-2810 and leave a message.  More information can be found in Parish News.  Please also remember that we are aware that some of you may have lost jobs and income at this time. You may be wondering how you can pay tuition, let alone donate to the auction!   St. John School’s Fair Share program is here to help you.   Call or email if you need help.

I am sure that you are all aware of the amazing ways people here and across the world are reaching out to support each other.  Thank you to those who have already donated food and meals, thank you to the face mask makers, to Pat James, who is putting his 3D printer to work, to Pat Tsagalakis, who is having us sing and dance, and to all the teachers!  Parents, encourage your children to draw, write, journal, and remember their feelings during these moments when the people around the world ‘came’ together even though we all had to stay apart.  They will have stories to tell their grandchildren.  Let’s all gather together online for St. John over the coming week!

Stay healthy.  Bid high,