Happy Easter

Dear Families,

Easter is the primary feast in the liturgical year.  The Paschal Mystery has so much relevance throughout the school year, the dying and the rising!  Recovering from bad grades, the lost game, spring after winter.  And on Monday, it seemed fitting that we heard the news about the extended school closure at the beginning of Holy Week.  We are all extremely sad.  The school building remains empty.  However, there is the Resurrection.  We will celebrate God’s resurrection on Sunday.  Our sacrifice of social distancing seems small in comparison when we remember how Jesus gave us His life for us.  We will continue to stay apart and save lives and support the healthcare workers as they do their work.  Together, we will rise up again and open our school.  In the meantime, take a break; find joy in each healthy moment, listen to and observe the signs of springtime and hope.

We are on countdown for the Auction.  You have just a few more hours to secure those bids.  Be True to your School!  Make your donation to Fund-a-Need.  It will be great to come back to school with the window project finally completed!  I take this opportunity to give the Auction Team a huge shout-out!  Just like the teachers, they took on the challenge of a virtual auction.  Show them you care by ensuring the online auction is a smashing success!

Thank you for bringing so much artwork for the healthcare workers. Your thoughtfulness will bring joy to many caregivers.  Personally, I am very touched as my son and daughter-in-law are doctors,  and I know they will appreciate this very kind gesture.

Eighth-grade students wrote reflections for the Stations and recorded themselves reading them.  Mrs. Mansfield and her daughter compiled the videos so that we could pray the Stations. The teachers have sent the video to the students.  On Good Friday, at 11:00am, we ask that we all pray the Stations together as we would have done were we at school. Following the 14th Station, we encourage you to have your family reflect for a short time in silence and then maybe close with a prayer for all those dealing with the Covid-19.

I wish you a glorious Easter,

Bernadette O’Leary