Buddy Families

St. John School is known for its wonderful community. An integral part of creating strong community ties is the Buddy Family program. Buddy Families play an important role in welcoming families who are new to St. John or returning families with students new to the school.

Volunteer as a Buddy Family     Can you be a friend or mentor to a new family? It is so important that our new families feel welcome and included. Take a look at our Buddy Family guide, and please visit “Volunteer as a Buddy Family” if you are interested in welcoming a new family to our community.

Request a Buddy Family    If you are a family new to the school, we recommend that you sign up for a Buddy Family to make the most of your St. John experience. Buddy Families provide you with support, resources, social opportunities, and familiar faces to help foster a connection to the school. If you would like to connect with a Buddy Family, please visit “Request a Buddy Family.”  Additional information for incoming new families can be found on the “Welcome to St. John School!” page.