Welcome, New St. John Families!

Welcome to St. John School!  We are very excited to have you join our community.  There is so much information coming your way, some things might slip through.  Never fear – we have your back!

Families new to St. John School are matched up with returning families through our Buddy Family program.  Below is a guide to our program.  We are always looking for more families to “buddy-up.”  It’s a great way to get your volunteer hours in and meet new families!

If you are a family new to St. John and would like to connect with a Buddy Family, please visit “Request a Buddy Family.”  If you would like to volunteer as a Buddy Family, please visit “Volunteer as a Buddy Family,” and see our Buddy Family Guide.

The following documents will help your family navigate your new community.  If at any time you have questions, please reach out.  We will always have time to chat, and we welcome opportunities to share our amazing community and all it offers!