Principal’s Letter

As I watched the children receive their First Holy Communion this week, I was struck by the banner behind them, “A Future Full of Hope.” It is the theme for this year’s Annual Catholic Appeal; however, the phrase struck home on a number of levels:  the hope that we see in these children all dressed up to receive the Body of Christ for the first time, the hope that fills our graduates as they head off to high school, the hope that you parents feel as we close out this school year and look forward to better times. I am filled with gratitude that our First Holy Communion Masses and Baccalaureate & Graduation service are in-person. I am grateful to you, parents, for your support throughout the year. Congratulations to all of you and especially to the parents of the children receiving First Holy Communion and Confirmation and to the parents of the graduates.

This week marks the last full week at St. John for our eighth-grade students. Next week, they are with us for just two days! The Class of 2021 will graduate on Sunday, June 6. We are so proud of these graduates who persevered through a year of uncertainty and different learning modalities. They commence with honors in patience, creativity, flexibility, and resilience! I am in awe of these thoughtful, caring young adults and their positive leadership. I know without a doubt that they will achieve great things. Parents, you also deserve honors! As the primary educators of your children, you took on an extra burden as we transitioned over the past fifteen months. Over the past nine years and more for some, you have collaborated, volunteered, and served this community. I wish you all a future not only filled with hope but also with health, happiness, and peace.

I hope you had a chance to view the Habitat Projects created by the first graders. Tomorrow the last class, Costa/Lochner, will be on the playground to share their creations and all the fun facts they learned. The fifth graders will celebrate Colonial Day next week, and the fourth graders are writing their own Greek myth following their study of Greek mythology! School may almost be out, but the students are still busy with year-end projects!

To close, I have two requests. Please pray for Mrs. Shannon Manley (teaching assistant) and her family. Mrs. Manley’s mother, Sherry Morgan, passed away on Tuesday evening. May she rest in peace.

The St. Vincent de Paul Ministry is very grateful to you for the donations you have made to help our neighbors. The lunches of love, hygiene bags for the homeless, and donations to the food pantry help so many neighbors. Unfortunately, the food pantry is running low again. We are asking for one more drive to support our neighbors through the summer. Please see the Year End Food Drive post for more information.

Thank you and God bless,

Bernadette O’Leary