School Reopening Reminders

As we embark on a new school year, please keep in mind the following:

Daily Attestation
The school will no longer be checking student temperatures or collecting data via the Health Screen. It is your responsibility to assess your child’s health/temperature each morning. Use the CDC Self-Checker tool, and if symptoms are present, you must keep the student home and notify the school officePlease, always, err on the side of caution. Keep children home when they are not feeling well and test if they are showing any of the Covid symptoms.

When a child has completed quarantine, if necessary, and/or is symptom-free for 24 hours they may return to school. If your child is experiencing seasonal allergies, please provide administration with documentation from your pediatrician. Otherwise, the school may be moved to send your child home.

Please review St. John’s uniform policy as students are expected to be in uniform unless it is a free dress day. Do note that masks are required for all students, staff, and on-campus visitors.

Traffic Safety and Etiquette
With the school’s return to traditional school hours, along with the elimination of staggered drop-off/arrival times, parent drivers will need to exercise extra patience and caution. Additionally, two major projects this fall (Seattle Stay Healthy Streets-1st Ave NW and large-scale construction project 79th and Greenwood Ave) will put additional parking and traffic stress on an already congested space. The school is asking parents to make plans now. Please consider car pools, walking, biking, or parking, respectfully, in the neighborhood when accessing campus. Administration urges you to review our traffic map/protocols and information from the City regarding the permanent installation of the Stay Healthy Street.

  • Mind the Queue:  If the northbound turn lane of Greenwood Ave. is lined with cars waiting to access 79th, please go to the back of the car line. It is a traffic hazard to wait in the southbound bike/bus lane of Greenwood Ave.  And please don’t cut the line. Parents will report you. Trust us.
  • Please do not park in the Greenwood Elementary School bus zone on 1st Ave. NW and NW 80th St.
  • Respect our neighbors
    • Do not block driveways. Parking too close to driveways limits neighbors’ access to their homes. It is also illegal to park within 5 feet of a driveway.
    • Be mindful of keeping the air clean. Turn off engines; do not idle.
  • Obey traffic laws
    • Stay Healthy Streets:  drivers are able to turn right and use the block of 1st Ave. NW between 79th St. and 80th St., but bicyclists and pedestrians have the right-of-way in the street, which means drivers must use extra caution, drive very slowly and yield to all other users.
    • Leave sufficient space between the corners/crosswalks/stop signs and your car. Parking too close to corners, crosswalks, and stop signs block the vision of drivers limiting their ability to see clearly the students crossing. It is illegal to park within 30 feet of a stop sign.
    • Observe the speed limit.
    • Make sure that you are parked legally.