Parish News

Visit the Parish Website for detailed information about Mass schedules, special events, and the Parish e-newsletter. The following are highlights:

Confirmation Registration: Confirmation registration is open! We will start our classes remotely, in January 2022, with Confirmation scheduled for June 6, 2022. You can find the registration form here. Please fill out and return the registration form to the parish office. All Catholic youth in grades 7 and above are invited to join the preparation sessions. Please contact Julia Rudden at with any questions, or to return your form electronically.

Advent Giving Tree: Please support the Giving Tree this year! Once again, we will have two Advent Giving Trees. One is at the back of the Church, and one is in the Parish Office. There are two options for you to donate:

  1. Beginning on November 27, pick up your ornaments from the tree and return the gift to the Church or Parish Office by Monday, 12/20.
  2. No need to pick up an ornament. Chose an item(s) from the list below and drop them off at the Church or the Parish Office by Monday, 12/20.

Please return unwrapped gifts by Monday, December 20. Thank you so much for your generosity in making this a wonderful Christmas for the homeless and needy in our community. This year your donations will support Noel House, St. Martin de Porres and Broadview-Thomson K-8 Food Program. Please contact Teresa Gillett with any questions at or call 206-782-2810, ext. 355.

Noel House (Women’s Shelter) St. Martin de Porres (Men’s shelter) BTK-8 Food Program
Hygiene KitsSocksFred Meyer Gift Cards
SocksHatsSafeway Gift Cards
UnderwearUnderwearCash & Carry (US Foods/Chef’s Store) Gift Cards*
Bath TowelsGloves*Note: The location on Ballard Way does not sell gift cards, but the one at 13102 Stone Way 9off Aurora) does.
Twin Blankets