Catholic Schools Week – Detailed Calendar

Sunday, January 29 – Celebrate 100 Years of Faith, Academics and Community

  • Catholic Schools Week Liturgy 8:30am (alumni) 10:30am* (current families)
    • * Student-led Liturgy
  • A Walk-Through Time: Open House and Tours of School and Egan Hall Presentations for alumni, current families and prospective families. Tours are ongoing after Masses.
  • Tours led by Student Ambassadors
  • Dick’s Drive-In Mobile Truck
  • Cookies and Coffee in Egan Hall
  • Name-the-Gym Banner Unveiling, Egan Gymnasium, 1pm
  • Students wear dress uniform
  • Please consider volunteering to make this celebration even more memorable!

Monday, January 30 – Celebrate Service & Community

  • Celebrate Unbound students and our local community
  • Community Outreach Day
  • Classes write letters to Unbound students
  • Students may dress in the colors of their Unbound student’s country flag or in red, white and blue

Tuesday, January 31 – Celebrate Volunteers and Vocations

  • Volunteers will be thanked in various ways throughout the day
  • Parents and Fr. Crispin invited to come and speak to classes about their vocations
  • Students dress as your “future self”

Wednesday, February 1 – Celebrate Staff & Teachers

  • Luncheon served to teachers and staff (Thank you, 5th Grade)
  • Students are asked to bring 1 flower for teachers/staff
  • Students dress like a St. John teacher or staff member

Thursday, February 2 – Celebrate Academics

  • Spelling Bee, Grades 3-8, Egan Hall, 1:30pm
  • Students to participate in other learning games throughout the day
  • Students wear school uniform

Friday, February 3 – Celebrate Our Students, Purple and Gold Day!

  • FREE student lunch – waffles, smoothies, and more (Thank you, Parent Association)
  • Spirit Day Activities, Gym, 1:30pm
  • Students may wear uniforms or dress in purple and gold, the school colors