Scrip is Available!

Do recall, Scrip fundraising continues! The Scrip program offers gift cards for your everyday purchasing:  when a gift card is purchased, you receive the full value and the school receives a donation from the vendor. A small, but dedicated, group of school and alumni families continue to support St. John by participating in this program. The Scrip program has transitioned to a virtual platform over the past year and will continue to support some local vendors’ gift cards: Fred Meyer, Diva Espresso, Ken’s Market, and Brown Bear Car Wash. You too can participate in helping to fund the budget by just making your usual daily purchases using gift cards purchased through the Scrip program. More information about purchasing Scrip can be found on the Scrip page.  Happy Shopping!

The parish and school continue to evaluate the long-term sustainability of the Scrip program. Thank you to the families currently participating, and welcome to all the newly enrolled families. St. John School greatly appreciates you supporting its operating budget! And thank you to Maggie Lazzeri and Andrea Vaught, our Scrip Team, for your efforts in providing this service for the community.