Emergency Communication Plan 

In an emergency or disaster situation, the school is committed to maintaining clear and effective communication with families. Below is the school’s emergency communication plan: 

Emergency Situations Covered: Our communication plan covers a range of emergencies including, but not limited to, inclement weather, natural disasters (such as earthquakes, floods, etc.), incidents requiring immediate evacuation, shelter-in-place/lockdowns, or other threats to the safety of the school community. 

Primary Communication Channels: The primary mode of communication during emergencies will be email and/or text alerts. We will utilize a text alert system to send urgent notifications and updates. Please ensure mobile numbers for primary and secondary parent or guardian contacts are updated and current in PowerSchool to receive text alerts. More information about opting in to our text messaging service can be found here.

Timely Updates: The school is committed to providing timely updates and information during an emergency. When it is deemed necessary, we will keep families informed of developments, actions being taken, and instructions for parents and students.  

Reunification Plan: In the event of evacuation from school building(s) or from the school campus, a reunification plan will be determined and communicated to families. We ask parents not to come to campus until instructions for checkout and reunification are provided. Depending on the situation, one of the following plans will be communicated to families:

  • On Campus Reunification (see map)
  • Offsite-Greenwood Elementary School Reunification Plan: the school has a cooperative plan with Greenwood Elementary for safe access and future student/parent reunification if necessary. 
    • Enter east-facing doors and proceed to the cafeteria  
  • Offsite-Other Reunification Plan: In the event that Greenwood Elementary is not accessible, we will communicate with parents an alternate offsite reunification plan.

Coordination with Local Authorities: In the event of a major emergency or disaster, the school’s Incident Command team will work closely with local authorities, emergency services, and relevant agencies to ensure a coordinated response. 

Drills and Preparedness: The school conducts regular emergency drills and preparedness exercises to ensure students and staff are familiar with emergency procedures and protocols. We encourage parents/guardians to discuss emergency plans with their children at home as well.