Resources: Talking to Your Children About Race, Diversity, and Social Justice

Resources curated by Chloe Shaw, St. John School Counselor – Anti-Racism Resources for Families

New York Times’ article “These Books Can Help You Explain Racism and Protest to Your Kids”

National Museum of African American History and Culture:  Talking About Race – multiple resources available.

Sojourners      A powerful and compassionate article by Courtney Ariel, “For our White Friends Desiring to be Allies.”

Pretty Good Design: Your Kids Aren’t Too Young To Talk About Race     A “resource roundup” including podcasts, articles, and books to support conversations with even young children.

Medium:  What White People Can Do for Racial Justice     The list is expansive and is achievable.

EmbraceRace provides 31 Children’s Books to Support Conversations on Race, Racism, and Resistance:  A variety of storybooks for all ages that parents can use a discussion starting point.

The Conscious Kid:  This organization has several resources that are excellent, including how to have critical conversations with children, reading lists, partner organizations, etc.  They also have a membership option with Patreon for parent and education resources that are through a Critical Race lens.  The membership has different levels and is reasonably priced for each level.

Published in Medium and written by a mental health therapist and mother living in Minneapolis, this article is about how to start having conversations with young children, based on the author’s recent experience with her own child.

Here Wee Read provides a list of new children’s books in 2020 about diversity.  There are several books listed here each month and the author is updating as more are published.

Facing History and Ourselves on which you can find the documentary series, Eyes on the Prize.