Discipline Policy

????????????????????????????????????Central to the mission of St. John as a Catholic School is the maintenance of a learning environment that upholds the dignity of all individuals through faith, justice, and love.

We strive to achieve a peace-filled environment by having each child become a successful self-manager.  To attain this, each child needs to know what is expected in terms of behavior.

To ensure that every child is provided an adequate learning environment, we implement the following disciplinary principles:

Students, through their cooperation, attentiveness, and behavior in class will:

  • Allow teachers to teach
  • Respect their own and other’s right to learn
  • Behave in ways that support the best interests of the class and school

Students’ positive behavior will be recognized and reinforced through:

  • Gaining special privileges and awards
  • Special recognition assemblies
  • Published recognition in both the classroom and the wider community