Mission & Philosophy


missionwordleSt. John School is a welcoming Catholic community, committed to celebrating diversity and inspiring moral development, academic excellence, and the courage to act for the common good.

St. John School is committed to:

Providing an excellent Catholic education based on:

  • Serving the mission of the Church
  • Curriculum and instruction informed by standards that emphasize critical thinking and moral discernment
  • Fostering a love of learning through engaging academic and faith-based content, social-emotional learning and co-curricular programs
  • Affirming that all God’s children are created in His image
  • Practices that promote and nurture physical, emotional and social well-being while developing empathy for others

Keeping the school accessible to all by:

  • Welcoming all families who value Catholic education
  • Providing assistance for families with financial need through Fair Share
  • Supporting students with diverse needs
  • Planning for long-term school and professional improvement

Empowering our children for missionary discipleship by:

  • Serving the marginalized in society and celebrating the diversity of our school, city-wide, and global communities
  • Inviting active involvement in the mission and ministries of the Parish and School
  • Offering leadership opportunities
  • Promoting social responsibility and environmental stewardship

 Revised 2022