Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLE’s)

Standards of Excellence Self Study Report, 2022

We are Christ-Centered People Who:

  • Pray with intention and reverence
  • Know and live out the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Participate actively in liturgy and faith traditions
  • Demonstrate love for our neighbors

We are Active Learners Who:

  • Meet or exceed National and Archdiocesan academic standards
  • Share ideas clearly, creatively and effectively
  • Think critically and solve problems
  • Work independently and collaboratively

We are Empowered Disciples Who:

  • Embody Gospel Values, Catholic social teachings and the mission of the Church
  • Value all of God’s children
  • Serve those in need
  • Act as stewards of our natural environment
  • Commit to a healthy mind, body and spirit


Revised 2022

For more information about the standards to which St. John School refers, click here.