Privacy Statement & Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

It is an expectation that when families commit to St. John School, they not only pledge their treasure in the form of tuition, but also commit their time and talent as well. We thank you for your service to St. John School as students directly benefit from parent service to the school. Your volunteer commitments help further the mission of the school. Students have the right to expect information about them will be kept confidential by volunteers at all times. Before you commence with your volunteer duties, please read the volunteer expectations below, then sign and submit the Statement of Agreement.

  • Each student with whom you work has the right to expect that nothing that happens to or about him or her will be repeated to anyone other than authorized school employees, as designated by the administrators at St. John School. Even when discussing a student with those who are directly involved in a student’s education, such as a teacher, principal, or counselor, you may not share otherwise confidential information with them unless it is relevant to the student’s educational growth, safety, or well being.
  • You may not share information about a student even with others who are genuinely interested in the student’s welfare, such as social workers, scout leaders, clergy, or nurses/physicians (a grave medical emergency, in which confidential information may be necessary for a student’s care, is the only exception). Thus, you must refer all such questions to the school employees so authorized and indicated to you, typically the student’s teacher or principal.
  • Parents, friends, parishioners, or community members may in good faith ask you questions about a student’s problems or progress. Again, you must refer all such questions to the authorized school employees. You may not share information about a student even with members of your own family or the student’s family.
  • Before you speak, always remember that violating a student’s confidentiality is against the law (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act—known more commonly as “FERPA”). Furthermore, speaking about other students does not reflect the values of our Catholic faith community.


Vounteer Confidentiality Agreement

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