Thank You Corner

  • Thank you, November and December Noel House overflow shelter volunteers: Nicole Hardie, Laurie Eckardt, Caroline Eckardt, Bridget Sevigny, Jenny McGovern, Karen O’Conner, Ida Henricksen, Matt Haskins, Joan Collins, Lisette Nenninger, Shalini Russnak, Kristin Kent, Katie Franklin, Kathy Collins, Mary Ellen Talley, Sheila Marty, Laura Marty, Eileen Miller, Rosalinda Aguirre, Meaghan Roach, Tony Perucca, Molly Martinez, Anna Brunnette, Madison Brunette, Ann Amort, Doug Smith, Betty Ericksen, Tracy Robertson, Anika Bradburn, Maureen Sloane, Alex Wiseman, Mike Sloane, Rachel Berryessa, Willow Berryessa, Shelly Pfeiffer and Jim Russell. If you are interested in joining this ministry as either a sleeper or driver, please contact Mary Kearney at These volunteer hours can be counted toward your school Fair Share obligation of 40 hours per family.