Parish News

  • Join us for Lenten Soup Suppers tomorrow, March 9, and Friday, March 23, at 6pm in Egan Hall.  A simple meal of soup and bread will be served to observe Lent. Families with students in grades 2 and 6 will host tomorrow night; grades 3 and 4 will host March 23.  Supper is followed by Stations of the Cross in the Church at 7pm.
  • Extending Our Backyard:  How the BLOCK Project is Re-Imagining Our Community.  A face to face with Rex Hohlbein, Founder of Facing Homelessness Seattle and the BLOCK Project.  Informational and action meeting held Saturday, March 10, 4-6pm at the Seattle Public Library, Microsoft Auditorium.  Free to attend.
  • North Seattle Catholic Youth – Due to the Jr. High Rally/Confirmation Retreat, there will be no meeting this Sunday, March 11.  Link here for all that’s going on in your Youth Group!  Everyone welcome to participate!
  • 2018 Seattle Camino de Santiago – Join us on Saturday, March 24, (Palm Saturday) for a mini-pilgrimage.  We begin with a hot lunch (free) the we will pray the Stations of the Cross at St. John, Blessed Sacrament, St. Patrick’s, St.Joseph’s, Immaculate Conception, St. Ignatius’ Chapel at Seattle University, ending at St. James Cathedral just in time for 5:30pm Mass.  For more information, please visit