From the Parish

  • Vacation Bible School 2019 – August 19 through 23, 9am – 12:30pm
    • Get Your GOLDEN TICKET & Track Mary All Over the World!  Join St. John School teachers Mrs. Molly Jessup and Mrs. Vanessa Castillo on the Queen of Heaven Express!  Mysteries and messages will be revealed at each stop; discover how Mary brings us closer to Jesus through the power of the Rosary.  Lots of fun ahead!  Registration and Permission Form
  • Scrip will NOT be available Sunday, June 16, after the Masses. If you would like to place an order email and your order will be available for pick up in the Parish Office.  Scrip will next be available Sunday, June 23, after both Masses.
  • Laudato Si in Action    In Laudato Si, Pope Francis refers to a throw-away culture where we consume things once and then throw them away. He also extends the concept of throw-away to people:  “The ‘throwaway culture’ has become a pandemic today, and it leaves migrants and displaced people without a voice and at the mercy of those who exploit them,” Pope Francis said.  Suzanna and I (Suzanna and Paul Litwin) were fortunate to attend the Catholic Immigration Summit at St Catherine of Siena Parish this past weekend. There we learned about the plight of immigrants and how others in our community are supporting our immigrant brothers and sisters. We learned that most of the current wave of immigrants are from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, all countries with weak governments and abject poverty and violence. More…