Get Ready for 2019/2020

Tuition 2019/2020

  • Tuition payments for the new school year begin in July and are paid through Smart Tuition Management Services.
  • Smart Tuition updates account number annually.  Your account number will change from 0514718xxxxxx  to 0514719xxxxxx.   Be sure to update your bank if you are using a Bill Payer service (different from ACH).  If you are paying online, make sure you have the correct account number.  Using the 2018/2019 account number will cause a late fee on your current year account.
  • Late Fees    Payments for accounts that are received 10 days after the due date are assessed a late fee of $50.00.  Example:  If your payment is due on the 20th you will receive a late fee on the 30th.  Smart Tuition is not responsible for slow mail delivery.  We recommend that you use the automatic payment choice (ACH) to ensure your payment is never late.
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School Supplies, Uniforms, More
School supply lists, safety patrol, uniform links, dress code, traffic pattern information can be found on our website.

School Office Hours and Summer Contact
The school office will be closed July 8 through August 9, 2019.  Office hours beginning August 12:  9am-3pm.  Office hours as of September 4:  8am-4pm.
During the period that the school office is closed, staff will check email.  We will do our very best to respond quickly.  Contact information is found on our website.

Preschool Start-Up Schedule
Preschool students enrolled in either the 5-day morning or the 5-day afternoon programs will have a slow start for the first few days.  Watch for a roster of the times and dates your preschool student is scheduled, via email.

Kindergarten Start-Up Schedule
Students in Kindergarten will dismiss at noon Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on September 4, 5, and 6.  The full, all-day schedule begins on Monday, September 9.