Parish News

1st Annual Blessing of the Animals     The St. Francis of Assisi Ministry and St. John Parish would like to invite you to bring your pet to the schoolyard on Saturday, October 5, to celebrate the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi.  Father Crispin will bless the animals between 11am and noon. Please note that we anticipate animals of all sizes and types, and we don’t wish any to be harmed.  Thus, we require all dogs to either be leashed or carried in a secure dog carrier.  In addition, all other animals (e.g., cats, birds, hamsters, snakes, etc.) need to be brought to the schoolyard in a secure carrier.  If you cannot bring your pet in a secure carrier or control your leashed dog, please bring a photograph of your pet instead.

Shelter Ministry Is Changing – Please Get Involved!     Are you interested in helping needy people in our community?  St. John’s Shelter ministry is shifting focus this year, and we need as much input and support as possible!  Please come to our wine-and-cheese gathering Sunday, October 13, at 5:00pm in the mezzanine.  Let’s raise a glass to this incredible ministry and brainstorm ways to carry on helping the most vulnerable people around us.