Auction Tickets On Sale

Tickets Available!
Tickets for the Live Auction & Gala Event on April 22nd at Fremont Studios are now available for purchase online at
Order your tickets today!

Raffle Tickets
Tickets for the Auction’s $2500 raffle came home on Thursday, March 17th – check your child’s backpack! Tickets are $5 each and every family receives 15 tickets to sell as a part of their school contract. All tickets (sold or unsold) must be returned to the auction office by April 22, 2016. (It’s the law.)

2016 St. John Wine
Remember to order your 2016 St. John custom labeled Jambo Cabernet and Jubilee Sauvignon Blanc. These beautiful labels created by St. John parent Wilo Dietrich, honor Fr. Crispin’s Jubilee celebration and Havana Nights – order your bottle here!

The Sign-up Genius is being finalized….stay tuned!