Final Supply Drop-Off / Pick-Up Dates

The final supply drop-off/pick-up dates take place next week.  This is a short drive-through opportunity for students and teachers to reconnect, for students to collect their report cards and any items from their desks/lockers, and for teachers to wish their wonderful students a safe and restful summer. Further details to be provided by your student’s … Continue Reading »

Parent Association: Call for Volunteers

It’s time to start planning for a hugely successful 2020-2021 school year!  The Parent Association is calling all parents interested in being part of classroom leadership teams next year.  Are you interested in being a Room Parent, PA Representative, Auction Liaison, or Hospitality Chair?  Many of the roles require minimal time and can be done … Continue Reading »

Greenwood Construction: Public Comment Period is Open

Another round of public comments is now open for the 79th and Greenwood Construction project.  The public comment period closes June 15, 2020 – make sure the city hears your voice! While the school is supportive of providing housing options for residents in our community, we are concerned about how this proposed 6-story, 72-unit apartment … Continue Reading »

St. John Distance Learning Community: Habitat Week!

Don’t forget to check out the first graders’ habitat projects!  Learn interesting facts about many different animals, like sloths, seals, and sea otters!  The first graders worked so hard on their projects and are excited to share them with you! Mrs. Costa’s First Graders and their Habitats: Mrs. Jessup’s First Graders and there Habitats: Continue … Continue Reading »