Jog-a-thon Success!

We set a goal to raise $60,000 for our school and run 1,000 miles…well, we exceeded both!  Thank you to the students and teachers who ran over 1,000 miles and to the family and friends of St. John School who helped us raise $75,000 for our school.

Thank you to the fantastic Jog-a-thon team, Julie Skinner, Jennifer Bergman, Brandi Dagg, Tracy Smith, Kathy Beck and Liz Overland for leading us in such a fun event.  We couldn’t do it without our many volunteers: Kimberly James, Whitney Lackey, Lauren Exnicios, Jenny Eberhard, Carmen Albert, Hai Wei, Steph Wade, Robin Vega, Cindy Semick, Aimee LaMarch, Kelly Kaspar, Jamie Haid, Chris McCormack, MaryBeth Gilbrough, Jennifer Bachhuber, Michelle Vierra, Kevin Sylvester, Norah Halley, Rebecca Young, Jessica Christofferson, CJ Dean, Jenny Lee, Kara Dacquisto, Maryanne Osaki, Kerri Villeneuve, Carlene Merlino, Andrea Marquez, Julie Metcalf-Myles, Ben & Sue Howe, Ciara Byars, Jennifer Dahl, Anne Paine, Gretchen Kudla, Tina Kliman, Joe & Cheryl Pinsoneault, Kristen Capka, Debbie Oximana and Lynne Houserman.

Jog-a-thon Celebration Day is October 13! This is a free dress day for students.