Thank you for honoring your pledge to purchase and use Scrip.  We hear great comments about the ability to purchase your Scrip online.  Feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions, to make our program even better!  Our wonderful Scrip coordinators, Tricia Kane-Yi and Andrea Vaught work diligently to make this program benefit our students.  If you are looking for a spot to spend some volunteer time, please contact them.  There are many tasks that can be shared so that the workload is light for all involved.

What’s coming up on your calendar, other than gas and groceries?  Dining out is the perfect way to hang up the apron and spend quality time with family and friends. Through our Scrip program, you can purchase cards with excellent rebates for a wide variety of popular restaurants including on-the-go, casual, and fine dining options. You can even use Scrip on small, everyday purchases, like your morning latte, which can rack up rebates! If you spend $100 per month on lunch, dinner, coffee, etc., at a 5% rebate you would earn $60.00 per year for St. John.  Not impressive?  Imagine 300 families participating this way – that is $18,000!!!