School’s Out – Grill’s Out BBQ

Please join us for School’s Out, Grills’ Out BBQ on Saturday, June 15, from 6-9pm on the school’s blacktop. Ethan Stowell, one of our Kindergarten parents and Ethan Stowell Restaurants will be catering this event alongside our very own in house chef, Michael Strimban. We will have a mixed grill for adults, hot dogs for kids, salads, dessert, and select adult beverages will served. Please join the fun! Tickets are $10 per child, $25 per adult and $60 per family. Order below! We look forward to seeing you at this fun event!

Online tickets will be available to purchase until Wednesday, June 12th. We will be selling a very limited amount of tickets at the “door” on June 15, cash only and at $75 per family versus the $60 online. We are increasing the price at the door because we want to make sure that have enough food for everyone.

Do you need to round out your 40 volunteer hours for the year? Please consider volunteering for this great event, we are in need of many volunteers! June 15th – School’s Out, Grill’s Out BBQ

If you are joining the community in the Fall, do come on out! You and your students will enjoy meeting your new community!