Welcome to MakerSpace!

The new MakerSpace, room 44 in the portables, is ready for students to imagine, create, and construct! This past week, Mrs. Halley taught the inaugural lesson in MakerSpace. She challenged her 4th grade students to save “Fred,” the gummy worm, from a mountain top using only specific materials. Students moved freely, discussing their ideas and obstacles, planning and constructing their designs, and sharing their final projects. The spacious area allowed the students to embrace the challenge, dig deep to solve the problem and have fun while doing so!

Today, Mrs. Edward’s class created Native American canoes to hold resources down the river.  The canoes were made out of foil and the resources were the unifix cubes.  They followed the STEM process by creating, designing, testing, and retesting their models.  One team was able to hold over 26 cubes without sinking for more than 10 seconds. Stop by and check out the MakerSpace.