Traffic Alert: Construction Update

Demolition of the large-scale build on the northwest corner of Greenwood Ave. and 79th St. began on Tuesday. This 17+ month project will demand patience on everyone’s part. Let’s keep traffic mishaps from occurring:  leave a little earlier, drive a little slower, and park a little further. Please abide by traffic laws, such as not parking in the Handicap Zone (white curb) on 80th St., and guidelines, including the following guidelines specific to the construction project:

  • Traffic control will be present for any street work and trucks impacting the roadway. Expect closures or delays.
  • The sidewalk and parking strip starting at the property line east of the school will be closed to all access. Parents/students approaching school on foot will need to use the sidewalk on the south side of 79th St.
  • Please mind the “Sidewalk Closed” signage. Students and parents are ignoring the directive and walking through a live construction zone.
  • Please no student loading/unloading on the corner of 79th St. and Greenwood Ave.
  • Many students and parents are darting across 79th St. and not utilizing the staffed crosswalks. This creates a dangerous situation for students and drivers.
  • Be advised – at peak construction times – you may not be able to queue on Greenwood Ave. and the corner of 79th St. during afternoon pick-up. 
  • For more information about the construction, please refer to the Neighborhood Construction Notice emailed to families on 11/30/21.
  • More information about the project will be posted on the school website soon.

The school requests you find alternatives for drop-off and pick-up. Have a plan with your child for those days when access is limited. And if a relative, friend, or child care provider is collecting your student from school, please share with them this communication from the school.