Auction News

St. John School Auction, presented by Fremont Dock Co.

Fun Fact:  Michael J. Fox was not the original Marty McFly. Eric Stoltz had the job for six weeks until he was fired. For two months, Michael J. Fox worked on the Family Ties set from 8am-6pm and then on the Back to the Future set from 7pm-3:30am, with only 3 of hours of sleep a night! –


Thank you to all who have submitted their auction donations and items. The February 11 procurement deadline is coming up, and we need everyone’s help to make Back to the Future 2022 a success! It’s now easier than ever using our new online donation form

  • Procure – A great way to meet your $250 auction donation is to procure items from your favorite businesses. Many businesses are happy to donate items or services to our school! Download a Donation Request Letter on our auction information page and submit to your desired business.  
  • Class Auction Package – Donate or procure an item or cash toward your Class Auction Package. Each class procures items and/or pools together funds to create an amazing auction item.  
  • Donate  – Do you own or have access to a vacation property, food truck, boat, plane, or sporting event tickets and can donate use of these items to the auction? Set a date and write up a description on our online donation form.  
  • Wine Grab – While you are out wine shopping, please consider purchasing a nice bottle of wine to donate to our Wine Grab game. Complete the online Wine Grab form and then turn in your wine to the School Office or Administration Building.  
  • Monetary Donation – Visit our Cash Donation page to make a donation.  
  • Gift Card Donation – What is your favorite Seattle business? Gift cards are popular auction items! 

Please complete your online form by February 11 and turn in your items to the School Office or the Parish Admin Building.

Procurement Incentive #2: Donate or complete your forms by January 21 and be entered into a drawing for 2 VIP Ticket UPGRADES! 

Thank You, Auction Liaisons

The auction is a labor of love. Please thank the following parents who are your grade auction liaisons:  Emily Weiderspan (PreK and K), Aleah and Nick Valley (PreK), Ellen McLaughlin (PreK), Allison Payne (K), Jessica Sandie (Gr.1), Lavina Rao (Gr.1), Kate DeMotts (Gr. 2), Melissa Putman (Gr. 2), Caro Marx (Gr. 3), Lauren Exnicios (Gr. 3), Holly Rose (Gr. 4), Steph Wade (Gr. 5), Becky Masters (Gr. 6), Karen Bombino (Gr. 7), Rachel Lambert (Gr. 8).  Please also thank Kalyn Gustafson for leading the Class Art Project team. We are so thankful for everyone’s time and creativity!  


Sponsorship helps reduce our costs and allows more money raised to go directly toward the school’s operating budget. Sponsors at every level are recognized on our auction website and in our weekly auction email blasts. Did you know this fundraising email reaches over 675 inboxes with an open rate of 65%? If you would like to become a sponsor or are interested in learning more, please visit our sponsorship page and complete the online agreement form by February 11.  

Thank You, Sponsors!

The DeLorean ($10,000)
Fremont Dock Co. – Osterfeld Family

Doc Brown ($2,500)
Armata Construction Services – Miletich Family

1.21 Gigawatts ($1,000)
Aspire Capital Advisors LLC – Flavin Family
Greenwood Ohlund & Co. – O’Rourke Family
Valley & Company Events – Valley Family
Osborne Northwest Public Relations – Osborne Family
GPT Greenwood Physical Therapy – Osaki Family
Ballard Pediatric Dentistry
Smile Ballard – Curalli Family
Turnstyle – Diefenbach Family
C4Digs – Chesledon Family

Marty McFly ($500)
Evans Insurance Agency – Evans/Kudrna Family
Gattis, Stewart & Associates, P.S. – Stewart Family
Nelle Steele Research – Steele Family
Animal Surgical & Orthopedic Center – Aguila Family
Broderick Architects
Mathnasium of Northwest Seattle – Tempest Family
Outcasting Creative Writing Agency – McNerthney Family
Wilson Street Interior Design & Styling – Overland Family 
The Saki Group – Tsurusaki Family
Elliot Bay Auto Brokers

Questions? Please contact Karen Bombino or Andrea Marquez. Website: