Don’t Be THAT Person

It is very simple to practice traffic safety: obey city and state traffic laws, follow St. John traffic guidelines, and be courteous. Your children’s friends, classmates, and teachers use this neighborhood. If nothing else, think of their safety. Furthermore:

  • Respect Our Neighbors
    • Do not block driveways. Parking too close to driveways limits neighbors’ access to their homes, and it is illegal to park within 5 feet of a driveway.
    • Be mindful of keeping the air clean. Turn off engines; do not idle.
    • Avoid being rude and confrontational with our neighbors (did I really have to write that?). Yes, we received several messages from irate neighbors. They send us pictures of your license plates and vehicles, along with pointed messages: “THIS IS TOO MUCH. These are supposed to be Safe and Healthy Streets–not when signs and access are blocked by belligerent parents. Please spend a little more time educating the parents–that is where the learning deficit is.

Education Continues….

  • Obey Traffic Laws
    • Leave sufficient space between the corners/crosswalks/stop signs and your car. Parking too close to corners, crosswalks, and stop signs blocks the vision of drivers limiting their ability to see clearly the students crossing. It is also illegal to park within 30 feet of a stop sign.
    • Observe the speed limit.
    • Make sure that you are parked legally.
    • Do not leave your vehicle unattended in the student load/unload zone (yellow painted curb on 79th St.).
  • Review the Traffic Map and follow the guidelines, especially during drop-off and pick-up.
  • Do not park in the Greenwood Elementary School bus zone on 1st Ave. NW and NW 80th St.
  • Mind the Queue: If the northbound turn lane of Greenwood Ave. is lined with cars waiting to access 79th St., go to the back of the northbound car line. It is a traffic hazard to wait in the southbound bike/bus lane of Greenwood Ave.