Thank You Corner

Thank You Haunted House Helpers!     Youth Group leadership would like to thank all those who helped make the St. John Haunted House a ghoulish success. The ideas were generated by the students and a lot of hard work went into making these ideas come to life. A special big thank you goes to John Pasco, whose woodworking skill and creativity made the house something very special. Another big thank you to Tim Harader for his commitment, willingness, time and sweat; to Dani D’Amelio, Paul Kelley, Becky Kelly and Pat Tsagalakis for their total support. Yet another big thank you to the Gaskill family (Alton, Sue and Clare) who for years now have been giving their time and energy to many St. John endeavors. Last but not least, a thank you to the students without whom there would be no Haunted House or creatures and scary monsters to fill it. Myke Folger, Youth Group Leader