Scrip, For Fuel’s Sake

Going to the pump can be a big expense, but with Scrip you can help earn funds for our students when you fill up your tank! Make those gallons of gas work for more than just your car by purchasing Scrip cards to pay for all your fuel expenses.

Our Scrip program offers gift cards from many major gas retailers, and many of our gas brands are available in Reload! This means that with select brands you can add funds to cards you’ve already purchased and have them available by the next day (when placed M-F before noon) when you pay with PrestoPay™. See how much you can earn when you’re fueling up:


Imagine if 10 people were using Scrip to pay for their gas! How about 20, 30, 100 or more!?



PS – Scrip will be sold after 8:30 and 10:30 Mass on Sunday, October 21, in the PAd at Coffee & Donuts.