I have a Dream…

The Kindergartners are learning their numbers. Yesterday, Bryce used the 100 chart to show me that there are only 23 more days to the 100th day of school! They are learning their letter sounds and writing sentences. They learn about sharing and being friends and they are learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They shared their dreams this week. They include, “…that everyone plays nicely with each other;” “…that everybody will have love;” “…that the whole world will be safe.”  Jesus and Dr. King would be very proud of them!   At St. John, our dreams and our expectations include being inclusive, being Christ-centered people, valuing the diversity of all God’s children, having the courage to act for the common good, serving others, loving God and loving our neighbor. What is your dream?

Over the past year and a half, School Commission members, parent volunteers, teachers, alumni, peer school and parish members, and administration collaborated on a new Strategic Plan that will guide us through the next five years. In teams, we researched and discussed topics such as Catholic identity, our brand, academic programming, faculty hiring and retention, technology, faith and mission, STEM, marketing and so much more. We assessed the school’s strengths and the areas for growth. The new plan builds on the work completed during the last 5-year Strategic Plan and ensures the continued growth of St. John as a Catholic, service-oriented, community-minded school, with a strong academic program, a STEM focus, a highly-qualified faculty and staff, and a commitment to being inclusive. We are very grateful to Geeta McCormick and Patrick Owens who directed us through the process. Please read on to our future!

Enjoy a peaceful weekend,

Bernadette O’Leary