Message from the Principal

Aloha and Mahalo!  Parents and friends, your support, donations, paddle waving and purchases, contributions and volunteer hours helped make this auction an incredible success. To those who attended, your spirit and presence made it a very enjoyable party! To Auction Team, Karen Gunther-Bombino, Andrea Marquez and Kristen Capka, and to Lauren Exnicios who shadowed the … Continue Reading »

Happy Pi Day!

At St. John today, many classes are celebrating math and Pi (3.14) calculating the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of various circles and by eating circular pies. The Preschool, Kindergarten and first grades welcomed their Grandparents and Special Friends to lunch and put on fine performances for them.  We also continue our Lenten … Continue Reading »

From the Principal

Welcome back! We are looking forward to a good stretch of five-day weeks here at St. John and settling into great learning research projects: STEM night, middle school science presentations, the Oregon Trail, animal and plant adaptations, The Musical – Peter Pan, Jr. and so much more. Facilitation has been rescheduled to this Sunday and … Continue Reading »