Rejoice in the Lord Always Live in Harmony with One Another

Many of you checked the school Facebook page and noted the smiles and happiness on the first day of school. At our opening prayer service, led very well by eighth graders, Lucy, Claire, Evelyn and Louis, we prayed on our theme of joy, harmony and togetherness. The kindergarten students were in attendance at an all-school … Continue Reading »

Rejoice in the Lord Always Live in Harmony with One Another!

This is our theme for the 2018-2019 school year. We are committing to rejoicing in the Lord, and living in harmony with one another. We opened our inservices with a beautiful exercise led by Mrs. Skokan during which we valued the gifts brought by all the members of our community and we experienced the harmony … Continue Reading »

Happy Trails!

Next week, the middle school students will travel in many directions on their field trips. The eighth grade leaves for their tour of Washington, D.C., Mount Vernon and Charlottesville, on Sunday evening. The Seventh grade will tour the other Washington, our very own state. They will visit the State Capitol, Yakima, Spokane, Grand Coulee Dam, … Continue Reading »