Scrip & BoxTops for Education

Spring is really here!  We may still see cold, wet weather ahead but ’tis the season! Do you feel that yearning for good soil between your fingers? Are you revelling in the early blooms? Can you smell the sweet scent of cut grass in your memory?  You are hooked, and you will need things to get started – mulch, seed, natural fertilizer and weed repellent (NOT glyphosate-based weed killers), potting soil, starts, lanai settings, twinkle lights, limes (for the lanai) and so much more!  Great places to shop for these necessities:  Fred Meyer, Lowe’s, Home Depot, to name a few.  Swanson’s and Sky Nursery do not have a Scrip card but they do take American Express – and AMEX does have Scrip!  Contact our pros or go online and get your garden growing!  Scrip – part of your Fair Share Commitment!

Two birds…that’s what happens when you purchase groceries using Scrip!  Check your selections for the BoxTops for Education coupon, clip it and send it to the school office.  You earn 10¢ for each coupon in addition to the rebate from the purchase of your Scrip grocery card!  What could be simpler?  Can we say, double dip?