Message from the Principal

Aloha and Mahalo!  Parents and friends, your support, donations, paddle waving and purchases, contributions and volunteer hours helped make this auction an incredible success. To those who attended, your spirit and presence made it a very enjoyable party! To Auction Team, Karen Gunther-Bombino, Andrea Marquez and Kristen Capka, and to Lauren Exnicios who shadowed the team in preparation for next year, congratulations! We are so very grateful for your commitment, creativity, and hard work. God bless you and your energy!  More details to come!

Faculty News     More good news! Joining our faculty next year in the classrooms are two graduates of St. John! And we have a returning teacher!

  • We welcome back, Megan Costa. Mrs. Costa, previously Miss Katsandres, not only graduated from St. John, but then she interned here under Mrs. Jessup. Since that time she has been teaching at St. Alphonsus. She is very excited to have the opportunity to return in September to be Mrs. Jessup’s first-grade partner teacher!
  • We welcome back, Anna Williamson, St. John graduate, who will teach kindergarten. Miss Williamson is currently doing her student teaching and comes to us highly recommended by her mentor teacher at Loyal Heights. We know already about Miss Williamson’s solid rapport with our students; she has spent many summers and school breaks with the XDC program.
  • I am delighted to announce that Miss Maria Tsagalakis will be returning to St. John as the P.E. teacher. Since she left three years ago, she has been teaching at St. Benedict School. St. John will benefit greatly from the valuable experience she gained at St. Benedict, not only as the P.E. teacher but also taking on leadership positions in other areas.

I am sorry to announce that Mrs. Denise Rousso will be moving on this year – to St. Benedict School!  She is sad to be leaving the St. John community. She has been supporting  and caring for students here since 2008, but she is excited about moving to a smaller school.  I have posted the counselor position on Applitrack.

I have also posted an advertisement for a music teacher and a director for our school musical. We are most thankful for the years of leadership Mrs. Katie Franklin provided to our school musicals. We will miss her boundless energy, creativity, and enthusiasm for providing acting, singing, and stage production opportunities for our middle school students. I’m likewise grateful to Mrs. Franklin for stepping in to teach intermediate music classes when Mrs. Kelly moved. Mrs. Franklin will teach until the end of this school year, but next year will be traveling to college games to cheer on her children!

Thank you, parents of altar servers, for bringing the children to Mass and encouraging them to serve. You will get your rewards in heaven. I think the children may appreciate the more earthly rewards! I am handing out more free dress coupons!

The students in grades 2 – 8 are receiving the Sacrament of Penance. We began the week with a meaningful Reconciliation Service. Next week is Holy Week. Please send in the Rice Bowl collections by Holy Thursday. Thank you for fasting and sacrificing.

Move-in day is almost here!  Take a peek at the new classrooms!   We will bless the new spaces on Monday, April 15, at 9 am. Thank you to Ian Bondi for providing these professional images.

With deep gratitude to you, parents and volunteers,

Bernadette O’Leary