Principal’s Letter

Congratulations Class of 2019! Tonight, these St. John Eagles leave their middle school nest. They are ready to soar. It is a joyful time for them and their families, and a sad time for us as we will miss those families who are leaving. We are honored to have been your partners in building these children’s educational foundation. May they continue to be Christ-centered, active learners and empowered disciples. On behalf of the faculty and staff, I wish you and the students well.

The year is winding down, and the students are winding up! The school is buzzing with the anticipation of summer adventures. Some students are already missing their current teachers even as they look forward to their next grade level. They are cleaning out their desks and bringing home all their projects. Some of the classes may have a ‘bump-up day’ next week so that the students can walk into the new classrooms. Field day for the intermediate grades will be on Tuesday, and we are praying for continued good weather. On Wednesday, the last day of school, we will have Mass at 9:00am. You are all welcome to attend with us. Students, K-7, will be dismissed at 10:30am.

As we reflected upon the year, the faculty and staff articulated many times how sincerely grateful they are to you, parents for your partnership and for your support of the Fair Share program and fundraisers which contributed to their salary increases. We discussed the success of the service projects. We saw solid academic achievement and reflected on the collaboration among the teachers and specialists. This was a big year for St. John with the re-purposing of the buildings, the new XDC, preschool, and primary classrooms, and the offices. We also published the Strategic Plan. We are very grateful to the School Commission and to the Parent Association for their dedication, commitment and wisdom. St. John School’s success is built on the rock of the partnership between the school and you, parents. Thank you!

The last day of hot lunch service is tomorrow, Friday. Please be sure your child has a sack lunch for Monday and Tuesday of next week. Join me in thanking the hot lunch team and volunteers for another great year of service. Over 40K delicious and nutritional lunches were served this year!

See you at School’s Out, Grill’s Out. We are expecting a large crowd. Please be considerate of our neighbors as you enjoy the evening and I encourage you to ride share, walk, or bike to the event.

Bernadette O’Leary