Snow, Be Gone!

Thank you all for your attention to the media posts over the past few days.  As you know, the weather in Seattle is not the easiest to predict!  During our 5:00am discussions, Pablo and I consider the conditions around the school, and your commutes as well as those of the faculty members before we make our decisions.

I am so glad the snow has cleared so that you can all come out to hear Christian Paige.  He made a huge impression on our middle school students and their teachers.  With wisdom, humor, skits, and stories, he entertained and taught about inclusion, identity, and diversity.  When I asked one of our 7th graders about his visit, she told me his message was, “Love people for who they are…..I thought it was really good; I liked how he made the environment feel casual.”  Join us at 6:30pm tonight in Egan Hall where he will share some of his experiences with the students and tell you that message.  Our commitment to living our mission (and part of our Strategic Plan) includes a commitment to social justice and to the dignity of each person.  On this message, we can never hear enough; we are life-long learners.

Tonight at 7:00pm, we also have an Open House for 2020-2021 preschool and kindergarten parents.  That will begin in Quigley House, followed by visits to the classrooms.

This morning, Ms. Kelley, Miss Gudaitis, and Mr. Tice flew to Durham, NC for a Trustey Family STEM Conference.  We are all very grateful to them for giving up their weekend and summer weeks for this Fellowship.  STEM integration is also on our Strategic Plan!  Thank you, team.  Safe travels!

Don’t forget that Catholic Schools Week begins on January 26, with the 10:30am Mass.  That will be followed by the All School Open House, the Middle School Cultural Fair in Egan Hall, and an up-cycle activity in Makerspace.

I hear I missed a great Bingo Night; I was sick.  Thank you to the Auction team and all the volunteers for the many hours they dedicated on our behalf.

I want to invite everyone to the Principal’s Q&A on Tuesday, January 21, in the Parish Administration building from 9:00-10:00am.  Bring your questions!


Bernadette O’Leary