St. John Distance Learning Community

Week 3 of Distance Learning highlighted creativity in the curriculum such as pizza fractions, pizookie fractions- educational and delicious! – and PE in a tree!  Zoom class meetings continue to take place, with students even happier to connect with their teachers and classmates.

Remember to check in daily – email, teacher webpage, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams – for the latest information.  Don’t forget to check the webpages of our specialists; they have great resources, too.  Our teachers and specialists are working hard to provide our students with essential curriculum.  Information on essential education and remote learning can be found in the Distance Learning Plan.

A reminder that St. John has laptops available for families to check out.  Contact Paul Kelley for more information.

Continue to email pictures of your distance learning space to Jonna Skokan.  #bekind #courageouscatholicschools