Purple and Gold Day

The flowers are so beautiful – it feels like an early spring here today! Thank you so much for the well deserved love you show the teachers, not just today, but every day.  Thank you also to the parents who presented in the classrooms this week.  The students learned about how so many of you found your vocations and about how you use your talents and skills in your careers.  Among our guests, we had firefighters, doctors, nurses, teachers, Fr. Narcisso and Fr. Crispin, lead coaches, business administrators, architects, Japan’s Air Force One interior engineer (Boeing), university professors, an acupuncture therapist and our own vice-principal visiting their children’s classrooms.

Tomorrow, Friday February 5th, is the long-awaited Purple and Gold School Spirit Day! Your children will be pleading with you to help them paint their hair and their faces; they will find all the purple and gold/yellow attire that you never even knew they had!  (Just make sure that it is handbook free-dress compliant!)  Ribbons, beads, nail polish, face paint, hair dye are allowed on this day as we appreciate our students. The day will be a bit of a break for me, as my position will be filled by our Principals for the Day, Kateland and Lucy Dickson!

We had a lovey week with  Sor Maria, Marleny and Fr. Narcisso.  They informed us about their culture through classroom presentations, song and dance. They shared with us how our pizza lunch donations have helped the school and the orphanage.  The gratitude and love they showed us cemented our determination to continue to reach out to others, locally and globally.  This is what we do at St. John!  We are servant leaders.

The State of the School Presentations will be held next week in Egan Hall.  In order to register for next year, you must attend one of the presentations.  See below for more information on the times, dates and registration instructions.  Also check out the many lovey posts and photographs about Catholic Schools Week, Sor Maria and Marleny teaching dance and so much more.

See you next week,