Happy Pi Day!

At St. John today, many classes are celebrating math and Pi (3.14) calculating the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of various circles and by eating circular pies. The Preschool, Kindergarten and first grades welcomed their Grandparents and Special Friends to lunch and put on fine performances for them.  We also continue our Lenten journey, encouraging prayer, kindness to each other in words and actions, and fasting from bad habits.  Thank you, teachers, for leading our students in so many wonderful lessons.  Thank you volunteers, for making each event so special.

Thank you, Mrs. Katie Franklin and your production team! Peter Pan Jr. was so enjoyable. The middle schoolers involved told me that they wished they were in Neverland and it could go on forever!

The school has been a hive of even more activity. The XDC program has moved into Quigley and the reviews from the teachers and students are very favorable.  Take some time to visit them in their new location. I am very grateful to the XDC team for their patience and their endurance as they moved their “home” so many times. Thanks also to Señor Pablo, Josh, Ryan, and Sean and all those who helped with the move. One more building to go!

Faculty News: At the end of this school year we sadly say goodbye to Miss Purchio and Mrs. Peoples. Miss Purchio is moving east of the mountains to Spokane to be nearer her family. Mrs. Peoples will take some time to be at home with her young twins. We will all miss these excellent teachers, but we wish them the best as they take on new adventures.

Trimester two ends tomorrow, Friday. Report cards come out on March 21. They should not contain any surprises, as it is the expectation that parents and students in Grades 4-8 check PowerSchool weekly.  Students are responsible for ensuring assignments are completed and if any are missing, it is their job to set appointments with their teachers to make plans. This helps the students build independence and personal responsibility for their own learning in preparation for high school.

The classes have been doing so many STEM activities, thanks to the training and encouragement of the STEM team!   Be sure to attend the Family STEM night on March 28 so that you can get in on the action yourselves!

Tomorrow morning, the Pipers will be here to welcome you. The students may accessorize in green as we, Irish, begin a weekend of celebrations in honor of St. Patrick!

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!

Bernadette O’Leary