librarian story time

St. John’s School library includes a collection of over 10,000 books, audio books, videos, and periodicals. Parent volunteers assist the librarian. Mrs. Grandorf, keep records up to date and helps in book check out and return. The library is open throughout the school day, including recess times. Students in grades 3-8 help in the library as members of the Library Service Club.

Library Skills

Students in all grades visit the library regulary. Mrs. Grandorf teaches valuable library skills. All students are taught how to use the computers for author, title, subject and key word searches. Older students enjoy listening to book talks and are taught how to use traditional library resources and how to search effectively on the internet. Above all Mrs. Grandorf hopes that the students will use the library to explore the world of knowledge at their fingertips.

Accelerated Reader

Students in grades 1-5 participate in the Accelerated Reader Program, reading books of their own choosing and taking computer quizzes to determine comprehension. Points are given for correct answers and a cumulative total is provided at the end of each test. Students are given individual point goals and rewarded accordingly. St. John has purchased quizzes for over 1800 books to allow students a wide variety of reading choices.

Greenwood Library

Since St. John School is located near the Greenwood Library, our students make many regular visits during the course of the year. Students are expected to have a Seattle Public Library Card. Greenwood librarians are a wonderful resource to both students and teachers and honor many requests for additional materials throughout the school year.